How does pricing work for our group of companies?

We charge per limited company within a group and per purchased franchise. For example, if your organisation has other registered subsidiaries or franchisees, each business will need a Budgety license.

What happens once we purchase a Looku plan?

Once your purchase is confirmed, your will be welcomed by your dedicated account manager. You will then receive your unique link for your employees to gain access to Looku.

Why is there only one, low cost price plan?

We’re a growing team and focused on keeping things simple as we continue to develop the platform and we’re just getting started.

Is Looku part of any Government services?

No. Looku is completely privately owned. Government child support services proactively communicate that they want divorced and separated parents to proactively communicate and cooperate between themselves and Looku provides a neutral and independent place for this to happen.

Is Looku only for divorced and separated parents?

Not at all. Most parents need support from trusted members of their support network and Looku makes it quick and easy to get this support when it’s needed.

Can parents use Looku for other payments?

Definitely. Looku can be used to transparently and securely pay, receive, track and manage any payments to each other, family members and friends. This could be family and spousal support payments or even special occasions including birthdays, Christmas and pretty much anything else.