Divorce and partner separation - the hottest and most unavoidable HR issue faced by your workplace.  

Our founder's story of working separation…

“In 2012, I went through a partner separation (we were engaged to be married and parents to our two children). After six years, the financial split up was messy. With two kids, the emotional break up was distressing. Not more than a week into the process, my communication with clients and colleagues began to suffer. Then my performance dipped. As did my focus, my mental health, my belief that ‘everything would be ok’ – both professionally and personally.


I suddenly dreaded the work I once loved.

Everyone knows that divorce or separation is stressful (they’re actually the second and third most stressful life events to be experienced). Yet few know how frustrating, exhausting and exasperating the practicalities can be. Arranging financial concerns and shared custody is a quagmire. Organising the mundane became potential for stress and misunderstandings.


Communication becomes fragmented, disjointed, inconsistent, untrackable and untransparent.


When I separated, I worked for one of the largest telecoms companies in the UK. Businesses of this size tend to offer occupational health services. My experience was no different. I saw a professional once a week. For 4 weeks. I appreciated it, but the help wasn’t anything that Google couldn’t conjure up. When this drew to a close I thought “where next?”.


The doctor’s, would be where next

My mental health continued to deteriorate. When I eventually reached my doctor’s, I was signed off for two weeks. Then another two. And another. Until I’d been off for 6 months (at a cost of more than £10,000 to my employer).

Over the course of this time, I hoped my employer had something – some tool or service – that could help my ex-partner and I transparently and objectively track, manage and share our financial and parental responsibilities (minus any emotions).

If only, and I could have got back to business – back to enjoying work and being an asset to the business I’d been with for over five years.


Somehow, I muddled through. I returned to work after six months.


After the stress and the strain, and six years down the road, I set my sights on creating the tool I wish I’d had back in 2012.”

ChiChi – Founder

Introducing Looku.

“Looku is practical, tangible support for those experiencing divorce or partner separation. With Looku at their disposal, employees can be less distracted, and more focused and productive at work. They can also be happier – at home and in the office.”

ChiChi – Founder

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