We empower employers to take action and better support divorced and separated parents at work.

Less costs. More productivity.

Help employee feel less vulnerable knowing that their overall mental health and wellbeing matters to their employer, whether inside and outside of work.

Looku helps separated parents in the workplace feel less anxious, more in control, with improved self-esteem and coping skills. We look after them so they look after you. 

Encourage a more inclusive workplace culture

Providing access to Looku shows employer sensitivity to real world situations such as partner separation especially where kids are involved, and the negative mental health impact.

At Looku, we are driven to help employers reduce key cost factors such as employee absenteeism and sickness, protecting your budget and increasing cost savings.

Promote healthy and positive employee behaviour

Looku provides tools that encourage positive behaviours from employees inside and outside of work, especially co-operation, collaboration and conflict resolution.

By practising these behaviours, employers’ benefit from solution focused, motivated and more productive employees who make better personal, family and professional choices.

Decrease your business risk at low cost

Looku helps employees feel encouraged and supported in making the lifestyle changes that improve their mental health and quality of life, so they are more focused and productive.

Looku is the solution for employees who are divorced and separated parents inside and outside of work that presents almost no downside to employers. 

Increase employee productivity and loyalty

Looku empowers employees to better manage their challenges and complications of being independent parents minimising workplace distractions but increasing engagement and productivity.

Improve employee perceptions around issues of employer support during stressful life events such as divorce. We provide tools that ensure employees believe their workplace is a better place to work.

Proactively attract and retain great employees

Offering Looku to current and future employees demonstrates your commitment as an innovative, proactive and solution-oriented employer. 

Employee expectations are changing and people issues negatively impact employee enthusiasm, engagement and the whole organisational culture.  

Adds value to your workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing programs 

Our platform integrates seamlessly into existing Employee Assistance and Mental Health Programs so they make positive lifestyle changes and manage their mental health challenges with confidence.

Looku encourages healthy habits and behaviours for separated parents in the workplace so they happier and more productive at work with reduced emotional stress and fewer sick days.

Improve employee satisfaction

Employee expectations are changing and people issues negatively impacts employee enthusiasm, engagement and the organisational culture as a whole.

By providing employees access to Looku, employers demonstrate that they are adaptable and dynamic enough to treat employees as individuals and not just a number. 

Less sick days, less costs. Better productivity, better performance.