What is Looku?

“Looku is an enabling tool that helps employers better support and protect the mental health of divorced and separated parents in their workplace, in a more practical, sustainable and sensitive way.  

As workforce dynamics evolve, we help employers easily adapt and engage the person behind the employee through this stage of their life journey, adding value to existing HR and employee support frameworks.”

ChiChi – Founder

How it works

Child Maintenance Management.

Create and send child maintenance payment requests directly. Attach information and documents to support your request.

Accept or decline payment requests and give reasons. Receive, make and manage online payments securely. Invite 3rd parties to witness payments made or received.

Securely store and access payments history from one place. Send payment reminders and receive payment notifications in real-time.

Child Expenses Management.

Create and send child expense contribution requests confidently. Add receipts, invoices and other documents to pre or post purchase contribution requests.

If you don’t want to talk about money, you don’t have to. Accept or decline expense requests and give reasons. Make and receive expense payments securely via Paypal.

Manage child expense transactions and interactions in real-time. Track payments history and supporting documents. Privately share with 3rd parties if you wish. It’s up to you.

Child Custody and Access Management.

Create and agree child access arrangements with the Non Resident Parent (NRP). Use the more information feature to provide additional information and clarity.

Accept or decline child access arrangements received. Communicate suggestions and invite 3rd parties to witness arrangements agreed or declined. It’s up to you!

View agreed schedules including dates, times and locations on our dynamic calendar. Manage schedules in real-time. Send and receive notifications and reminders anytime.

Build Support Network.

Invite people you go to for support and build a support network. This could be family, friends or anyone else you chose. Ultimately, these are people you trust.

Send and receive support network invites, notifications and reminders. Accept and decline support network invites. Your choice!

View and manage your support network. Select what child related details you want to share and members of your support network you want to share it with. You’re in control!

Chip-In Management.

Use Chip-In to transparently request and send support. Pool funds for gifts, special occasions for the child or when times get tough. The kids are priority, every time.

Accept and decline chip-in requests and provide reasons if you wish. Set your Chip-In target amount then track who has chipped in and how much in real-time.

Build trust and transparency by adding supporting documents to your Chip-In request. Send and receive funds directly and securely using Paypal. It’s all about trust.

Document Management.

(Receipts, invoices, other proofs and important documents)

View uploaded documents that were sent and received as part of a child maintenance, expenses contribution or chip-in request

Track and manage these documents from one place. Keep what you want and remove what you don’t.

Keep the documents private or share what you want with your support network or other third parties. Be empowered to do what you feel is best for you and your family.

Easy Budgeting.

Create household and personal budgets and track your progress anytime. Compare your actual spend against your ideal spend and focus on getting more value for your money.

Use the trend report to track your spend over time. Add custom expense categories and personalise further how you manage your money to gain the most value.

Reach out to your support network directly from your budgeting tool when you need help with some costs or use our ‘find better deals’ to find the best deals. It’s that easy!

Find Better Deals.

Our ‘Find Better Deal’ feature searches the web to find cheaper prices or better value for money to help reduce your bills, costs and expenses.

Find better deals and proactively reduce your costs, straight from your budgeting tool. No matter the expense, hit ‘find better deal’ as see how and where you can cut costs.

We help you save time and one by finding the things you want or the things you love to do faster and cheaper.